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      簡介—— Product DescriptionThe KC901M is a general-purpose RF multimeter. The main function is a single-port...

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      Product Description


      The KC901M is a general-purpose RF multimeter. The main function is a single-port vector network analyzer (VNA, S11). It also supports vector transmission test (S21 scalar and vector), simple spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, RF signal source, and audio. Signal source and other functions. The KC901M is powerful and practical, with good accuracy, and includes a battery that supports 4 hours of continuous operation. It is only 1 cubic centimeter in size and weighs only 1 kilogram. It is easy to carry and easy to operate.

      Main Feature

      9KHz-9.8GHz frequency range

      1Hz frequency stepping

      Full digital intermediate frequency

      Reliable accuracy and stability

      Strong anti-interference ability

      Rich features and lightweight design

      Main Function

      Transmission test (amplitude: debug filter, amplifier, verify antenna directivity, phase: provide basic phase change trend)

      Reflection test (vector: debug impedance matching, check antenna feeder system)

      Spectrum display and field strength observation (check the radio transmission performance, find the interference source)

      Audio source

      RF signal source (carrier)

      Recommended Application

      KC901M is mainly used for microwave communication, radar antenna maintenance, microwave scientific research, wireless Internet of things engineering, professional communication, confidential and safe, education, drone, remote telemetry and rejection, satellite earth station, radio astronomy, installation and maintenance of nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, secondary development (interface protocol disclosure) and so on.

      Acceptance and check

      confirm if the package is alright before opening it. read the introduction of the

      user manual and make sure there is no missing item.

      The standard packing includes:

      KC901V         1

      Charger         1

      Shoulder Strap   1

      check all the items in the package with the list provided above and make sureUser manual     1


      that there is no physical damage of the instrument, with all the screws set well in

      place, and check if there is any abnormal sound while shaking it.

      After performing the physical check, connect the charger to the instrument and

      turn on the instrument to check if it works as spec. If batteries are in place, press and

      hold the power button (POWER, PWR) for 5 seconds to do the start-up check.

      Safety Information

      KC901M is NOT a consumer good, the user should have related professional


      In this user manual,


      Indicates that it may cause inaccurate testing results or may be some risk.


      Indicates that it may cause Personal injury or Equipment failure or other hazard.


      Product Size: 20x12x5cm

      Net Weight: ≈1.5kg

      Package Size: ≈ 30cm×26cm×15cm
      Gross Weight: ≈ 2.0Kg



      1-year warranty


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